Lotus Hanging

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Color Variants

Colour Variants: Pink

Model Name: Lotus Hanging

Style: Fancy

Suitable For: Festival

Country Of Origin: India

Looking for a unique way to decorate your home? Look no further than Lotus Hanging! This revolutionary door hanger is perfect for any home decor, whether you want to hang it in the hallway or on your front door. With its beautiful pink color and fancy style, Lotus Hanging is sure to be an eye-catching accent in any room.

But what really sets Lotus Hanging apart is its versatility. This door hanger is excellent for hanging decorative objects without taking up too much space. Whether you want to hang a wreath, a picture frame, or any other decorative item, Lotus Hanging makes it easy.

Plus, at a length of 36.83 cms (14.5 inches) and a breadth of 12.70 cms (5 inches), Lotus Hanging is the perfect size for any door. So why wait? Add Lotus Hanging to your home decor today and see the difference for yourself!

Colour: Pink

Length: 36.83 cms

Breadth:12.70 cms

Height: 1.00 cms

Weight: 1.00 kgs

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